Jack Swierenga
President & CEO

"We take great pride in providing innovative solutions to your transportation problems."

“I once learned that the number one mark of a successful company is “longevity”, the number of years a company has been in business. In 2006, Monroe Transportation Services is celebrating its 70th year in business. We’re very excited about this milestone and grateful to all past and present employees, and customers, who have made this achievement possible.

While our family history and long-standing reputation as a quality carrier are characteristics of stability, experience and perseverance, some may perceive a company who has been in business a long time to be old fashioned, inflexible, and unwilling to change. While this perception may characterize some companies, I believe the opposite holds true for Monroe. I believe our longevity is attributed to our ability to adapt to the changes and demands of our industry, our progressive attitude toward continuous improvement, our commitment to invest in the latest technology, the dedication of our employees, and the loyalty of our customers. Of course, hard work and perseverance have played a big part in our long-term success as well.

While we hold fast to the foundational principles that have guided us over the past 70 years, we are also looking forward to new and continued customer relationships, dynamic growth opportunities, and new and improved service offerings. My thanks to all who have contributed to our success over the past 70 years and, to our future customers, we look forward to ‘ providing innovative solutions to your transportation problems’.“