Monroe has developed the most sophisticated software for a company our size. Our proprietary Operations Management System is cutting edge online communication technology.

We give you the power from your desktop to:

  • Track your shipments in real time
  • Request a pick-up
  • Enter an order and receive a ready-to-print Bill of Lading
  • Get POD (proof of delivery) documents
  • Access your rates

It puts all your shipment information into the hands that need to have it. Including:

  • Our drivers in the field; receiving detailed instructions via mobile devices in their trucks, and who record status updates the minute your freight is loaded onto our trucks;
  • Our dispatchers, who maintain continuous GPS tracking of inbound and outbound shipment activity;
  • Our customer service personnel, who have a complete history of each shipment that moves through our system, as well as instant access to all shipping documents to insure there is no question about the details of your freight and your instructions about its handling.
  • And, through this website and other specialized interfaces, this powerful system extends directly to you, our customer, affording you the same access and visibility.

Monroe’s computer system also allows flexibility with EDI offerings such as 204, 210 and 214’s. If an account requests statement billing rather than individual invoicing, Monroe can customize the billing setup to your distinct needs and requirements.


Furthermore, our LTL software package is very flexible, and we will customize it to fit your needs. If you have a special system that you would like us to work with, please call our customer service department at (630)543-4650, extension 111.