Each year the Department of Transportation changes their safety requirements and regulations. Our safety director makes sure we meet or exceed D.O.T. requirements, and that we are one of the safest carriers in the industry. Some of our safety programs include:

  • Educating dispatchers, drivers, and customers about D.O.T. regulations;
  • Continuous hazardous materials (HazMat) training for drivers, dockhands, and customer service employees;
  • Scheduled maintenance of equipment with professional, D.O.T. certified mechanics;
  • Development of a video training series focusing on professional driving skills, safety regulations, awareness, drug/alcohol compliance, and hazardous material training;
  • Equipping all trucks with load bars for securing freight;
  • Inviting Illinois State Police to provide training to all drivers on truck safety and roadside inspections; and
  • Random drug and alcohol testing for all drivers.

As a result of our efforts we are very proud to report that the D.O.T. has awarded their highest rating of “Satisfactory.”